Solar Powered Linear Air Pump

Ideal for remote unattended operation, ALITA PVM series linear air pumps can be powered directly with properly sized photovoltaic module(s) for off-grid and remote installations. Pump operation can be completely automated, require no third party charge controller or power control module.

Product Range

Model Rated Performance Free Flow
AL-80A.PVM 80 LPM at 15 kPa 2.8 CFM at 2.2 PSI 140 LPM
AL-120.PVM 120 LPM at 18 kPa 4.2 CFM at 2.6 PSI 220 LPM
AL-150.PVM 150 LPM at 20 kPa 5.3 CFM at 2.9 PSI 300 LPM
AL-200.PVM 200 LPM at 20 kPa 7.0 CFM at 2.9 PSI 320 LPM