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Submersible Water Pumps

Constructed with stainless steel and engineering composites with glass fiber reinforcement, Alita submersible pumps are both lightweight and corrosion resistant. With seal components utilizing high precision Silicon Carbide mechanical shaft seals with surface approaching the hardness of diamond, every model of Alita pumps are capable of operation under corrosive and abrasive conditions.


AUP Series

Residential and light commerical wastewater removal, water transfer, circulation, and dewatering

Durable stainless steel & engineering composite housing
Non-clog vortex Impeller
Detachable base strainer
Large solid handling capability
2 years limited warranty

Model Motor Rating Max Flow Max Head
AUP-150 1/4 HP 3000 GPH 22 ft
AUP-250 1/3 HP 4200 GPH 29 ft
AUP-400 1/2 HP 5500 GPH 39 ft
AUP-750 1 HP 6300 GPH 49 ft
PV series Propeller Pump

PV Series

Agriculture & Aquculture water transfer
Circulation, Channeling, Dewatering
General facility, Water feature, Water transfer

Submersible Axial Flow Pump (Propeller Pump)
High efficiency circulation pump

Model Motor Rating Max Flow Max Head
PV-400 1/2 HP 13000 GPH 10 ft
PV-800 1 HP 19200 GPH 13 ft


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